[Mailman-Users] URGENT - how can I get a text list of subscribers

glennette at premiumwebdesign.com glennette at premiumwebdesign.com
Thu Apr 12 17:35:59 CEST 2001

Unsubscribing doesn't even help so I'm sure it wouldn't but what else can I
do???  If the subscribers on this list weren't being somewhat patient, my
ISP would have shut me down by now!!!

Is your list sending the message once every minute like mine is?  And it's
not the complete message, only about 3/4 of it then the rest is cut off.

Glennette  /\O/\

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On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 11:20:06AM -0400, glennette at premiumwebdesign.com
> Is there a way to get a text list of subscribers from mailman?
> I'm still having the problem where that same message is being sent once
> minute and I'm considering deleting the list but I don't want to lose all
> the subscribers in the process.
> I'm afraid this wouldn't help but this is getting really old!  The
> technicians are working on it but so far to no avail.

I'm having the same problem on one of my lists.  Since setting people to
doesn't help, I'd be surprised if deleting the list did either.

Jim Trigg
Itinerant list admin

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