[Mailman-Users] Re: "could not acquire qrunner lock", etc

Mike Crowe mac at babel.fysh.org
Tue Apr 24 13:30:06 CEST 2001

On 23 March 2001, Bill Bradford wrote:
> Upgraded to Python 2.0 this morning, and recompiled/reinstalled 
> mailman 2.0.3 along with it (had already been running this version,
> but I figure recompiling/installing it along with the new python
> wouldnt hurt).  I started getting a lot *more* of these in 
> /usr/local/mailman/logs/qrunner than normal:

I'm suffering from a similar problem. I run a list with a few hundred
members that has a handful of posts an hour throughout most of the
day. About thirty people are on the digest list. 

I'm running the Debian unstable mailman package 2.0.3-7 recompiled myself
on a stable (Debian 2.2) system. I contacted the maintainer of the package
and he suggested I post here. The machine is only a P133 with 96Mb of RAM
but I would hope it should handle such a list.

The mailing lists are running fine, mails just take a long time (several
hours) to pass through the system and it is putting an unreasonable load on
the machine in my opinion. It has a knock-on effect of making the web
interface unusable because the qrunner process perpetually has the list
locked (maybe this is a clue).

The python qrunner process seems to be running most of the time pushing my
load average above one constantly - it runs for its fifteen minutes and
then gives up. At some points during a lull of several hours in mailing
list activity it will stop of its own accord and everything will settle

Dave Klingler wrote in response to Bill Bradford:
> Sounds like you've got some permissions set wrong, Bill.  Having qrunner
> run once a minute works pretty well, btw.  It keeps the queue small and
> the overhead is minimal.

If permissions were the case surely it wouldn't work at all? I've had a
look through and stuff generally seems to be owned by user list, group list 
or owned by root, group list with g+rwX permissions.

I tried putting some extra logging in the qrunner script but wasn't really
sure what I was looking at. If someone can advise me where it would be best 
to log then I am willing to hack the scripts a bit.


Mike Crowe <mac at fysh.org>

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