[Mailman-Users] subscribe/unsubscribe

Steve Lee maillist at blitzen.net
Wed Apr 25 04:52:46 CEST 2001

I have finally installed and setup mailman.
I can subscribe and unsubscribe using the
web interface.  This part ask for a password
when one does subscribe.

When I subscribe using the email form
by mailling  listname-request at somedomain.com
with the subject line containing subscribe,
i recieve a message from mailman and am able to
subribe by a reply.  Then when i want to unsubscribe
using an email with the same address with the subject
line containing unsubscribe, it ask for a password
and email address too.  

One thing i don't know is when you subscribe by email,
it never ask for a password?  how do you do that.


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