[Mailman-Users] Excessive headers and Eudora

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Sun Aug 5 01:38:20 CEST 2001

At 21:54 -0700 8/3/2001, Ben Burnett wrote:
>ps These instructions are for the Win version.  IIRC Anything post 3.0
>should work this way.  It shouldn't be too difficult to verify this for Mac

First, thanks for the <X-Eudora-Option:....> information.  It is slightly
different in Mac Eudora (spelled <X-Eudora-Setting:nnn> where nnn is a
number) and I don't know what the number is for boring headers (see below).
This will help us produce an FAQ which we do need.

For Mac Eudora users to deal with the List headers:

  1.  If not already done, copy the file "Esoteric Headers" or, recently,
"Esoteric Headers n.m" (version specific) which is shipped in the
Additional Settings folder into the Eudora Stuff folder [both inside the
Eudora Folder containing the application].

  2.  Once that is in place, there is a "Boring headers" pane of settings.
Add the desired headers to suppress into the list of headers...a simple
will suppress all of them, but I name them individually so I can keep
List-Post: visible.

The Esoteric Settings thing first appeared long ago...it began shipping
with Eudora more recently, but at least back through the 4.x series.  It
predated the <X-Eudora-setting...> URL hack

Esoteric Settings contains lots of fun things with which to get into
trouble, and a few with which to get out of trouble.


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