[Mailman-Users] feature queries

Michelle Dick artemis at rahul.net
Sun Aug 5 10:59:26 CEST 2001

In preparing to switch from smartlist to mailman, there appear to be
some features I will be giving up, and also some that seem like they
would be easy for me to add with a little tinkering.  A quick guided
tour of the programs behind mailman would be helpful -- so I could get
a jumpstart on where to begin for the modifications I need.

Some simple modifications I want to add are:

I currently send 5 information files via email to all new subscribers.
It's too much for one introductory email.  So, I'd like to add the
ability to send additional info files.  (in a more elaborate scheme,
it would be cool if new subscribers had to visit a web page or send
email to check off that they have read them before getting approval to
post -- that's probably a bit beyond me right now -- or maybe not,
hmmmm, a nice cgi form that whisked off a command that adds their
email to the approved for posting list, hmmm).

I run my list archives on a seperate remote machine, nfs mounts not
possible.  So I use a seperate program to do the archives and won't be
using mailman's pipermail.  But, it would be nice if in the list info
web page, the URL to my remote archives could be specified.

Michelle Dick
artemis at rahul.net

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