[Mailman-Users] Big trrouble with pending requests...

Marc Korthaus m.korthaus at macnews.de
Sat Aug 11 01:37:42 CEST 2001

Hello alltogether,

I got a really big problem with my new mailman installation we are 
using on our site (Mailman 2.1a2 on SuSE Linux - Python 2.1, 
Postfix). We currently run around 60 lists and nearly all are working 
(despite some smaller problems) as they should: Just tow of them are 
in real trouble:

The first has around 5.000 subscribers and my "pending requests" does 
not load in the browser - It seems to load more than a few thousands 
request, which seems to be bounced mails - I thought Mailman handle 
these bounces on its own, why I have to handle these bounces all on 
the web interface.

Or: Does I got something wrong? Please help...

Marc Korthaus

Alles, was man wissen muss. Auf deutsch und in Rot.

macnews.de OnlineServices GmbH
Briller Str.  4
42105 Wuppertal

Fax: 0202 3702815

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