[Mailman-Users] Did I found a huge bug in Mailman 2.1a2?

Marc Korthaus m.korthaus at macnews.de
Sun Aug 12 23:10:19 CEST 2001

Hello alltogether,

I worked all the past 5 days on our new mailinglist server based on 
Mailman 2.1a2 and it seems I found a bug in the new version: If you 

"Send mail to poster when their posting is held for approval?" to "Yes"

you will run into an ugly loop which comes from the new mailman 
daemon introduced in 2.1a2. The incoming mail got placed by our 
wrapper into "~mailman/qfiles/in/" where the daemon will grap it and 
write the file into ~mailman/data and puts the request into the 
"requests.db" of the appropiate mailinglist, after this, he deletes 
the request from "~mailman/qfiles/in/" - right?

Here we go: If you activated the "Send mail to poster when their 
posting is held for approval?"-option the daemon doesn´t deletes the 
requests from "~mailman/qfiles/in/" which produces an awfull loop, 
because the request will be stored over and over again into the 
data-directory and in the requests.db. Playing this game, I had to 
manage more than 10.000 requests - to much for my machine, which got 
bogged down.

However, after 3 days of testing I found this as "solution".  Now I´m 
quite more happy...


Marc Korthaus

Alles, was man wissen muss. Auf deutsch und in Rot.

macnews.de OnlineServices GmbH
Briller Str.  4
42105 Wuppertal

Fax: 0202 3702815

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