[Mailman-Users] Help with mailman 2.0.3

Ricardo F. Kustner ricardo at rixhq.nu
Wed Aug 22 22:02:57 CEST 2001


> Hi, I am using mailman 2.0.3 on a virtual server. I am having a problem
when trying to post messages to a list. The problem is that I send the
message to post, and it doesn't bounce, but the people on the list don't
receive it! I've tried with 3 emails since last august 7 and nothing! What
is happening? please someone help me. Thanks in advance!

obvious questions:
- did you setup the forwards to mailman in /etc/aliases (or whatever
method is used by your MTA) ?
- did you setup the crontab entries (see the docs on how to do that) ?
- did you check the mailman logs? what do they say?
- did you check your MTA logs? 
- are there any files in ~mailman/qfiles?


"The above message has been blocked because the content
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