[Mailman-Users] Help in installation

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.com
Thu Aug 23 20:52:38 CEST 2001

At 03:08 AM 8/23/2001 -0700, Thiep Duong wrote:
>First time trying to build Mailman .....
>after making newlist test, I got email like below:
>You can configure your mailing list at the following web page:
>     http://edaweb.el.nec.com/mailman/admin/test
>The web page for users of your mailing list is:
>     http://edaweb.el.nec.com/mailman/listinfo/test
> >>> I cannot find any of these index.html ?
>     Where/How are they be built?

These pages aren't static HTML pages.  There is no index.html.  They are 
generated by the scripts admin.py and listinfo.py respectively.  You can 
find them in the directory $prefix/Mailman/Cgi.  However, if you want to 
make modifications to the way these pages look for your "test" list you 
have to do it in different ways.  If you want to modify the listinfo page 
that you see at
you need to log into the administrative interface for this list and click 
on the link to "Edit the HTML for the public list pages." link.  You can 
edit the template for this page by hand if you really want to, but I 
wouldn't recommend doing it unless you have the skill necessary to find 
where it is in your file system :)

Editing the list admin page at
is much more complex and cannot be done on a per list basis.  You should 
only attempt to change this page if you have some python coding skills and 
want to affect all of your lists.

>There is also an email-based interface for users (not administrators)
>of your list; you can get info about using it by sending a message
>with just the word `help' as subject or in the body, to:
>     test-request at edaweb
> >>> This messages is not waht I want.  The mail list name is 'test'
>     so I want the message to say test at edaweb.el.nec.com
>     How tochange this?

It looks like you may have one of two questions here so I'll address both.

1. If you're concerned about the part that says "test-request at ..." you 
don't need to be.  The address for POSTING to the list is going to be 
"test at ...".  the "test-request" address is only for making administrative 

2. If you're concerned about the part that says "... at edaweb" and you want 
it to say "... at edaweb.el.nec.com" Then you need to log into the 
administrative interface for the list and change the option "Host name this 
list prefers.".  I'd bet that is currently says "edaweb".  You should 
change it to "edaweb.el.nec.com".

>To unsubscribe a user: from the mailing list 'listinfo' web page,
>click on or enter the user's email address as if you were that user.
>Where that user would put in their password to unsubscribe, put in
>your admin password.  You can also use your password to change
>member's options, including digestification, delivery disabling, etc.
>Please address all questions to mailman-owner at edaweb.
> >>> Same here.  I already have my mm_cfg.py changed to
>     MAILMAN_OWNER, but it doesn seems to work.
># Put YOUR site-specific settings below this line.
>DEFAULT_HOST_NAME   = 'edaweb'

Change this if you want future lists to have their aliases, and thus their 
addresses to be on "edaweb.el.nec.com"

># DEFAULT_URL must end in a slash!
>DEFAULT_URL         = 'http://edaweb.el.nec.com/mailman/'
>PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL  = '/sendmail'
>PRIVATE_ARCHIVE_URL = '/edaweb.el.nec.com/mailman/private'

Are you aware that These arechive urls are appended to the "Base Url for 
Mailman web interface" as listed on the list admin page?  This is going to 
be the value of DEFAULT_URL unless you change it.  This means that the 
public archive url for your is going to be
and the url for your private archives is
Is this what you want?

>HOME_PAGE         = 'index.html'
>MAILMAN_OWNER     = 'tduong at el.nec.com'

This delivery module is currently insecure and not very well maintained 
IIRC.  If you are using Sendmail, you should use "SMTPDirect" instead.

># Lines that *start* with a '#' are comments.
>to: tduong at el.nec.com
>message-id: mtv205.el.nec.com
>from: Mailman at edawebm
>from: .*@el.nec.com
>BTW:  I am running on solaris_2.7.  Using Netscape netsuite
>       as http-server.
>is there a web-base user group that I can search for help
>without sending mail, and perhaps do more reading on my onw?

You can find links to various Mailman resources on the Mailman site 
http://www.list.org  You can also search through the mailman deiscussion 
list archives at http://search.python.org (select python mailing list 
archives and turn off all other collections.)

Good Luck,

- Ben

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