[Mailman-Users] demime with sendmail

Doug and Christy Garaux garaux at garaux.com
Sat Aug 25 06:24:18 CEST 2001

OK, I've gotten this to work GREAT with postfix, but I'm haing a bit of trouble with Sendmail  (& smrsh.)  I found posts that noted that the emails would have to be run through a script because smrsh will not allow the pipes... so I have a script in my etc/aliases... but I get the following error whenever I send email to the list;
etc/aliases line:  uhbc:             "/usr/local/bin/demime-wrapper post uhbc"
----- Transcript of session follows -----
554 5.3.0 /usr/local/bin/demime-wrapper post uhbc... cannot open /usr/local/bin/demime-wrapper post uhbc: Permission denied
550 5.0.0 "/usr/local/bin/demime-wrapper post uhbc"... Can't create output

I can send mail to the list just fine when I don't use the demime script.

Any clues from anyone?

Doug Garaux

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