[Mailman-Users] Blocking users who do not match rule?

Nathan V. Patwardhan nvp at atg.com
Tue Aug 28 22:26:16 CEST 2001


I've checked out the Mailman docs and can't figure out if Mailman
supports the reject recipe that I want to implement.  Basically, we
want to have "open" and "closed" subscription lists, where "open" lists
are available to everyone and "closed" lists are only available to
atg.com.  To solve part of this problem, we used forbidden_posters[],
which seems to do what we want.

So, I guess that I have 2 questions:

1. Is there a way to advertise a different set of lists to internal
   and external hosts?

2. Once I succeed in blocking mail (forbidden_posters['!*@myhost.com']?),
   is there a way to reject the mail on-the-fly instead of sending the
   held message to the list admin (from where "a real person" would
   have to reject it)?  Don't recall if I saw this one on the
   'Wishlist!' or not.


Nate Patwardhan
Art Technology Group
npatwardhan at atg.com
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