[Mailman-Users] [OT] sendmail -> (Postfix|qmail)

Bill Moseley moseleymm at hank.org
Sat Dec 1 18:24:31 CET 2001

Please respond to me directly instead of the list -- I don't want any
religious wars started!

What I'm asking for is some comments or things to watch out for when
converting from sendmail to either Postfix or qmail, and (more on topic)
how to manage that in a smooth way with regard to Mailman.  Pointers to any
docs that you found very helpful in the transition would be just great.

These changes seem to eat up a lot of time, so anything that might save me
some trouble will be really appreciated.

My current setup is rather simple, but I do have some requirements -- so
I'm also very interested in comments regarding postfix vs qmail matching up
the best for my needs:

This is on Linux.

I do virtual hosting so I use a virtusertable to route all mail to a given
email address or to a given user.  It's important that I add something like
the X-Envelope-To: header (sendmail faq 3.29 IIRC) so people can run
procmail or some such program yet still see the envelope of message of mail
delivered into their account (for their domain(s)).  Also, some domains
have extra pop3 accounts where some mail goes to some users, and all other
mail defaults to another user -- normal virtusertable setup.

I'm leaning toward qmail, probably because it "feels" more geeky, what ever
that means...

Finally, and this a bit more on topic, and might be worth discussing on the
list, has anyone written up a nice comparison of ezmlm and Mailman?  I
guess the best it to install qmail and give it a try, but anything that
might save some time, or might not be obvious from brief testing would be
helpful.  I lik Mailman a lot (but I'm worried it might make this old Perl
programmer have to learn Python ;).


Bill Moseley
mailto:moseley at hank.org

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