[Mailman-Users] Mailman refusing to send remote emails.

C. Bensend benny at bennyvision.com
Mon Dec 3 05:36:41 CET 2001

Hey folks,

	I've run Mailman previously, and had not run into
this problem.  Pertinant info:

Mailman v2.0.8
OpenBSD 2.8 (stable)
QMail 1.03 + badmailfrom patch

	I compiled it from source, setting --with-mail-gid
and --with-cgi-gid appropriately.  The web interface works
flawlessly, as does the subscribe/unsubscribe/mail me my
password/change password/etc functions via the web, _as
long as I specify a local address on the same machine_.

	If I try to subscribe a user with a remote email
address, Mailman doesn't even attempt to send out a
confirmation email (I'm watching the server's maillog).
I see nothing in ~mailman/qfiles, nothing weird in any
file in ~mailman/logs/*, and all that I can see that
looks remotely strange is that all remote addresses
show up in ~mailman/logs/subscribe as "pending".

	It almost appears that Mailman is unable to relay
from localhost, but I've configured QMail to allow it, and
mail from the local machine works fine.  This server also
receives several hundred emails a day from remote, so I
don't think it's a problem with the general QMail setup.
Many of these mails are not delivered locally, so I don't
think it's a problem with QMail not wanting to deliver to
remote sites.

	I am more than willing to provide further
information, I just need to know what information would
be helpful.  Any assistance with this would be very much
appreciated.  :)

Thanks in advance!


"The onions are irritating my buttocks."   - Sluggy Freelance

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