[Mailman-Users] Pulling out my hair on this thing

Troy Connor troyconnor at tntwebservices.com
Sun Dec 2 23:14:14 CET 2001

Good Morning
I have just transferred over to lunar pages.com and am using your
mailing list product or at least attempting to use it
I can't seem to find any information on it
Is it a mailing list taker
If so where is the address that one uses I think mine is at
newsletter at tacoprez.lunarpages.com at least that's what I call the
darned thing
Is it also an html emailer ?
If so where is the send page and how do I get to the section to add the
content ?
I was in the control panel and figured out some of the stuff I even sent
myself a test email the test worked and the general information page
looks like this
also I tried to use frontpage to create some html code for this letter
but when I used tables I got a huge space above the banner
Please help 
Warmest Regards,
Troy A. Connor Sr
President & CEO
TNT Web Services International <http://www.tntwebservices.com/> 
(" Giving you the Web Presence you Deserve ")
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