[Mailman-Users] read-only list?

Nollaig MacKenzie nollaig at amhuinnsuidhe.cx
Mon Dec 3 13:30:21 CET 2001

On 2001.12.03 07:17:53, you,
 the extraordinary Norberto Bensa, opined:

> Is posible to configure a list to be read-only (no posting allowed)?

<extract from output file of a 'config_list' command>:

# Use this option if you want to restrict posting to list members. If
# you want list members to be able to post, plus a handful of other
# posters, see the <i> posters </i> setting below
# legal values are:
#    0 = "No"
#    1 = "Yes"
member_posting_only = 1

# Adding entries here will have one of two effects, according to whether
# another option restricts posting to members. <ul> <li> If
# <i>member_posting_only</i> is 'yes', then entries added here will have
# posting privilege in addition to list members. <li> If
# <i>member_posting_only</i> is 'no', then <em>only</em> the posters
# listed here will be able to post without admin approval. </ul>
posters = []
<end extract>

This seems to mean that if you set:

	member_posting_only = 0
	posters = ['nbensa at yahoo.com']

only you could post to the list.

I don't know how you could prevent notification
being sent to you when others tried to post.

Cheers, N.
Nollaig MacKenzie <nollaig at amhuinnsuidhe.cx>

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