[Mailman-Users] private script behaveing oddly

Steve Traylen s.traylen at bonbon.net
Mon Dec 3 21:58:37 CET 2001

That was my first thought so I tried it with a few browsers on
other machines and well. I do not think it is simply that
cookies are switched off. I am still perplexed.


On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Greg Ward wrote:

GW>On 03 December 2001, Steve Traylen said:
GW>> If I make one of my archives private then quite correctly I am
GW>> asked to authenticate myself.
GW>> After successful authentication I am offered View By date, author,
GW>> subject, etc.
GW>> Clicking any of these returns me to the authentication page again
GW>> and so in an endless loop. I never get to see the actuall archives.
GW>Sounds like you're not accepting the Mailman authentication cookie.  You
GW>need to enable cookies in your browser.  (Modern browsers let you do so
GW>selectively by site.)
GW>        Greg

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