[Mailman-Users] Pending_subscriptions.db

jgo john at nisus.com
Tue Dec 4 04:44:19 CET 2001

> "Lynn, Michael (DCS)" 2001-12-01 11:06:09 -0500
>> Jon Carnes 2001-12-01 11:02 wrote:
>>> On 2001-12-01 10:24, Lynn, Michael (DCS) wrote:
>>> I implemented Mailman yesterday and had some problems with Sendmail
>>> config.  I believe I have resolved those problems and how I have
>>> a large pending_subscriptions.db file

>> You should be able to use the web-admin interface to clean
>> out the pending subscriptions for a list.  Look for the option:
>>   Tend to pending administrative requests

>> From there, do a whole lot of deny-ing or whatever...

> I have tried the Web interface link - however, it tells me
> that there are no pending requests.

This is the same situation I've been trying to solve.
That's why I was asking what sorts of log & queue files
there might be and where to look for them.

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