[Mailman-Users] Mailman refusing to send remote emails.

Finn Schjøtt finn at schjott.dk
Mon Dec 3 10:59:17 CET 2001

I'm in the process of installing Mailman on a RH7. and although
grandfather*4, would like to call me a novice in Linux/x environments.
I try to follow the Installmanual, which is written as to recompile/make,
whereas I've used the .rpm- packagemethod to install.

In the manual are stated some points which  are to be done as 'non-root'.
I can see the installed modules are all 'root-owned'. Is this to be

So far, the Mailman-server is running, although some misconfiguration
occours. I found that it insisted on fromadress as 'localhost' and found
changing Domain in .... cured this. But the file states in the header NOT
to be manually changed!

I've made some lists, which send confirmation to members, but they can't
reply, as reciever dont exist. I found that I had to manually put output
from newlist into the aliasses file. Is there any place I can find that
output again, or do I have to delete/ remake the list to get that output?

My first goal is to maintain a couple of manually organised lists, where I
want a special header or footer, and I think Mailman is fine for this.
Is there any way to maintain such a list including <real  name> and
comments (phone/addr)

However I plan to start a couple of 'usercontrolled' lists, and allthoug I
like the web-subscribe/unsubscribe form, I would not  miss the
'majordomo-style' mailing the list to subscribe/unsubscribe. I don't find
any confirmation this is possible.?

Excuse my long message.


Finn Schjøtt
IT manager
Amtscentret for Undervisning, Nordjylland
tlf. 9878 5825

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