[Mailman-Users] Large Lists manipulations

Tass tass at kenderhome.com
Wed Dec 5 18:19:06 CET 2001

I don't WANT to it as I suspect it woudl be bad.. but the time wait is
getting to be insane at times.

My current solution has been to copy it the config.db to a system that
deos not emailing (or much of anything else) and do the work there then
copy it back.. ugly .,. but I managed to get it sorted out...

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Greg Ward wrote:

> On 04 December 2001, Tass Chapman said:
> > Is there a quicker way to remove members than the UI or the remove_members 
> > tool? I can quickly use emacs to load and find the email in the config.db, 
> > but I am not sure of the syntax and am rather loathe to just delete at will.
> Aieee!!  Don't do this -- you will completely hose Mailman's
> configuration for that list.  config.db is a binary file, you can't edit
> it with a text editor.
> Hmmm... I wonder if a lot of the problems with people who have corrupted
> config.db files arises from them editing it with Emacs, and then
> wondering why Mailman crashes whenever it tries to load it.  Should
> remember to ask "Did you edit this file with a text editor?" next time
> someone complains of tracebacks in marshal.load().
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