[Mailman-Users] DEFAULT_HOST_NAME | virtual host | 'Admin Links' domain definition

Abe Scwartz sloween at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 6 18:05:12 CET 2001

All -

I'm hosting mailing lists for two domains - primary.com and secondary.com. 
primary.com is defined as DEFAULT_HOST_NAME within Mailman/Defaults.py. I'm 
using mailman-2.0.5 on RH6.2/x86.

Currently, both http://lists.primary.com/mailman/admin/ and 
http://lists.secondary.com/mailman/admin/ display the 'Admin Links' page 
containing the text, "Below is the collection of publicly-advertised mailman 
mailing lists on lists.primary.com". I'd like for the text to reflect the 
hostname requested, e.g.

if URL='http://lists.primary.com/mailman/admin/', the text should read , 
"mailing lists on lists.primary.com".

if URL='http://lists.secondary.com/mailman/admin/', the text should read , 
"mailing lists on lists.secondary.com".

I discovered a patch at 
for an older version of mailman, but wasn't sure if|how this was implemented 
in current versions, or how this might be enabled. The hosted sites would 
like their /mailman/admin page to display their domain in the text, and not 
the value of DEFAULT_HOST_NAME.

Or is this perhaps dependent on apache in some way?

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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