[Mailman-Users] What did I do wrong?

Jason Clark jason at usmale.org
Thu Dec 6 13:02:54 CET 2001

I know I've got a simple problem, I'm just not getting where I need to, and 
am tired of complaints from users.  I've had mailman up and running for a 
month, but I needed it working before I had all the little questions like 
this worked out.  I don't recall exactly what values I typed in during the 
install, but when messages come out from the list, the mailto: tags are 
correct, but the web page links are not correct.  See the sample below.

Where did I go wrong in the install?
Can I fix it via the administration web page & where?  (I tried changing 
the options on the bottom of the general screen and it doesn't save the change)
hostname: mail.usmale.org
base url: /mailman/
Do I need to fix it by rerunning the setup process?  (this won't destroy 
the lists I have already setup.  Right?)

>Reply-To: test2 at hunter.usmale.org
>List-Post: <mailto:test2 at mail.usmale.org>
>List-Subscribe: </mailman/listinfo/test2>,
><mailto:test2-request at mail.usmale.org?subject=subscribe>
>List-Unsubscribe: </mailman/listinfo/test2>,
><mailto:test2-request at mail.usmale.org?subject=unsubscribe>
>List-Archive: </pipermail/test2/>
>Test2 mailing list
>Test2 at mail.usmale.org


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