[Mailman-Users] What did I do wrong?

J. Barnes jbarnes at usmale.org
Fri Dec 7 17:17:44 CET 2001

Thank you for your help!  And I'm currently running mm2.0.7 and looking 
forward to 2.1

Modifying my mm_cfg.py fixed the problem.  Oddly, I had tried this before 
with poor luck, must have just keyed something wrong the first 
time.  Oddly, I could not locate the install log, possibly because I didn't 
"build" mailman but uncompressed a tarball.

Second (different) question.  My list has lots of attachments, which the 
archive stores, but in an odd format.  How can I teach people how to pull 
the attachment out of the archive?  Is there pre-written instructions on 
this somewhere?

Third question - because of the number of attachments, combined with large 
messages, is there a limit on the size of the digest?  I have only one 
digest user, and he said he had a digest that would not open.  I plan to do 
some testing with this, but thought I'd ask.


>It is worth checking the contents of the INSTALL file in the directory you 
>used to build Mailman.
>You should be able to check the parameters you supplied when running the 
>./configure of your installation by looking at the top of the file called 
>config.status in the directory you used to build Mailman.
>Look in installed MM directory at $prefix/Mailman/Defaults.py with a text 
>editor and find the definitions of DEFAULT_HOST and DEFAULT_URL. From what 
>you have said you probably want to override or set the values of 
>DEFAULT_URL and possibly DEFAULT_HOST but do this in the file 
>$prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py as explained in the INSTALL file.
>Such changes will affect all new lists as they are created. For existing 
>lists you will need to go to the General Options page for each list and 
>change the last field on the page (Base URL for Mailman web interface) and 
>change that for each list.

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