[Mailman-Users] Missing possibility to stop attachments

Alf Christophersen alf.christophersen at basalmed.uio.no
Fri Dec 7 08:34:33 CET 2001

In these viral days, mail lists may do great damage if the post viral
infected messages, like SirCam, BadTrans etc.

One list I subscribes to had to close down for 1 month because the
people joining the list was infected and also the list was thus used as
a vehicle for spreading the virus.

Since many viral messages now are small, there is no problem passing the
40 kB limit now set default, and no use in restricting it into 1 kB
either, since the BadTrans Embedded message is possibly smaller than 1
kB :-(

It seems also plausible to be able to stop any messages containing
html-code since Badtrans use html-code to transmit, using the <embedded>
tag to be included (or is that an MIME-tag?) If so both attachments and
embedded should be able to be stopped anyway, like Smartlist now are
able to do (at least the Smartlist hack of Rootsweb.com are able to do

Otherwise I have to check with rootsweb guys to get a copy of their hack
since now this security hole in maillists are really getting very

Hope this may be a priorited case for new version !

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