[Mailman-Users] Mailpasswords

David Pierron linux at wombatsweb.com
Fri Dec 7 19:55:56 CET 2001

This is the second install of Mailman I have done, and I experience the 
same thing ... come the 1st of the month, passwords are not mailed out to 
subscribers ...

I tried running the mailpasswords cron job manually, and it runs with no 
ouput, and I don't receive passwords ... I believe everything is configured 
correctly in the list's control web forms ... Is there somewhere else I can 
check?  Is there a common reason this wouldn't work?

I installed from RPM on a Mandrake system .... everything worked right out 
of the box .. even cron jobs were added ... so this seems to be the only 
thing missed ...

Please respond directly since I am no longer a member of this list ...


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