[Mailman-Users] Missing possibility to stop attachments

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Sat Dec 8 00:21:02 CET 2001

Alf Christophersen wrote:

> It seems also plausible to be able to stop any messages containing
> html-code since Badtrans use html-code to transmit, using the <embedded>
> tag to be included (or is that an MIME-tag?) If so both attachments and
> embedded should be able to be stopped anyway, like Smartlist now are
> able to do (at least the Smartlist hack of Rootsweb.com are able to do
> this)

    You can also employ your own, external scanner, or whatever flavor
program you want.

    Most of these viruses/attachments come in as MIME encoded, so you can
always use stripmime[1], or demime[2] to get that stuff off of the message
prior to submitting it to the list.  You can go one step further, and look
into MIMEDefang[3], which does a pletora of things for you.  There's also
Quarantine[4], which will strip out any type of attachments to your
message.  All of these solutions are external to Mailman (in fact MIMEDefang
hooks into sendmail - if you're running it), so you can always end up with
"clean" messages going through your list.

    [1] - http://www.phred.org/~alex/stripmime.html
    [2] - http://scifi.squawk.com/demime.html
    [3] - http://www.roaringpenguin.com/mimedefang/
    [4] - http://www.johncon.com/john/QuarantineAttachments/

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