[Mailman-Users] Re: Mailman 2.0.8

Miles D. Oliver moliver at linux.lgi.com
Sun Dec 9 16:21:09 CET 2001

I now have a functioning implementation of Mailman 2.0.8

With one strange quirk..

Not all of my lists are showing up in the main admin page.  I have 2 lists
and only 1 is being shown.

The list can be gotten to by accessing the url by its listname but not by
the simple 'admin' interface.

I've got 2 lists.


Only core4x4-member is showing up when accessing


I can get to the list by accessing


but not having it being listed via the admin interface.

I'll keep checking 'google' for any information on this but it is very


Miles D. Oliver
"Bluegrass, Finger Pickin' good"
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To: "Miles D. Oliver" <moliver at linux.lgi.com>
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Subject: Re: Mailman 2.0.8

> >>>>> "MDO" == Miles D Oliver <moliver at linux.lgi.com> writes:
>     MDO> Seems no matter what gid I choose, it wants something else.
>     MDO> I'll review the faq, maybe it will turn a light on.
> If not, contact mailman-users at python.org.  There are folks there who
> can help.
> -Barry

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