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Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Mon Dec 10 16:12:55 CET 2001

Obtain the software from:

I recommend that you download v 2.0.8 as this is the current stable version.
I also recommend that you install it on a Linux box.  If you use a standard
distribution like Mandrake, you will find that it comes with an earlier
version of Mailman.  Previous versions of Mailman had a bug that would cause
them to stop delivering if they received a malformed bounce email, so you
will want the 2.0.8 version.

4000 email addresses is not a problem for Mailman - if you run it on a
fairly decent machine with adequate internet access.

Once you have installed Mailman, and followed all the install directions,
then you will create a list and subscribe your email addresses to that list.

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  how can we attain mailman software for our mailing list management?
  we have about 4000 names- would that be okay?
  can we subscribe them to the list? thanks,
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