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Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 18:43:40 CET 2001

At 11:34 10/12/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 12/10/01 10:30:36 AM Central Standard Time,
>R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk writes:
><< >I need some setup help with mailmain...
>  >
>  >I started off by unpacking it:
>  >
>  >tar mailman.tar.gz and it created:
>  >
>  >/home/business/mailman-2.0.7
>  >
>  >it seems to have set the files up and all, now what
>  >do i do?  can someone provide links so how i
>  >can get into configuration...etc..etc...
>  read the files called INSTALL, README.xxxxx and FAQ in the directory that
>  was un-gzipped and un-tarred. INSTALL explains how to configure and install
>  Mailman.
>   >>
>I already went over some of it, i just do not understand...
>I have noticed, that it did not unpack like it supposed too...
>it was supposed to create in /home/business/mailman
>but instead it made:

Before going any further, you might as well get the latest version of 
Mailman, which is 2.0.8, from 

Getting Mailman going is a 2 phase process. Assuming you have 
mailman-2.0.8.tgz in your home directory:

1. First you unpack the .tgz file into the 'build' directory. Execute the 
following commands while logged on as you, not as root.

         tar zxf mailman-2.0.8.tgz
         cd mailman-2.0.8

2.  You then go into that directory to configure Mailman and then run the 
make install which copies the configured, executable version of Mailman 
into the directory from which it is normally run.

 From what you say, you have unzipped and untarred the .tgz file and 
created a build directory as /home/business/mailman-2.0.7. If you wanted 
the build directory somewhere else then you could use the UNIX mv command 
to move it or delete it and unzip and untar the .tgz file in the directory 
under which you want to put the build directory; I usually put the build 
directory under my home directory.

Once you have got the build directory where you want it then you will want 
to change to that directory. Now follow the instructions in 

Per the mailman-2.0.8/INSTALL file you will want to have created the UNIX 
user ID and group ID which will run mailman: the user named mailman and 
group called mailman before you configure Mailman.

If you intend to run Mailman from /home/business/mailman then make sure to 
supply this as the --prefix parameter to configure. Also make sure you know 
the mail group ID and cgi group ID and supply these as the --with-mail-gid 
and --with-cgi-gid parameters to configure.

You will then run the make program in the build directory to install 
Mailman in the directory from which you intend to run it.

I do not mean to be rude but if what I've said above isn't making much 
sense and you are struggling with the INSTALL instructions you may need to 
upgrade your Linux/UNIX administration skills before embarking on using 
Mailman. Without some Linux/UNIX adminstration skills you are going to find 
operating Mailman and your MTA may produce problems you will struggle to 
cope with.

>can you supply me a command line that will unpak
>it into the correct directory...

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