[Mailman-Users] New FAQ entry for maximum list size

Greg Ward gward at mems-exchange.org
Tue Dec 11 21:32:41 CET 2001

New FAQ candidate: "How big can a Mailman list be?".

The answer should be pretty simple, but the biggest list I have direct
experience managing is only 1600 subscribers.  My impression from
reading the list is that things start to get interesting somewhere in
the thousands.  Can those of you with experience clue me in on:

  * how big a list can get before you have to worry about tuning
    at all (probably < 1600, since we had to worry about it a bit
    for our list)

  * how big a list can get before you *must* worry about tuning

  * the biggest list anyone has ever managed with Mailman

Please reply directly to me; I'll post a summary (and write it up as a


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