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I remember someone (Chuq I think) suggesting this in the past.  But 
it looks to me like this would set up sendmail to ONLY listen on your 
NNNN port, and no longer listen for "normal" mail on 25 (actually, I 
think I tested this the last time it came up).

So if you want to continue using sendmail for the rest of the mail on 
the system, like incoming Mailman messages for instance, you would 
need to run two daemons for this.  Does this mean setting up two 
queues or will they peacefully coexist with one?  I don't know.  I 
suspect I will be running Postfix before I figure it out.

	- H

>I saw this in the mailman FAQ for tuning sendmail:
>You can do this without modifying your sendmail files at all. Instead, in
>your startup script, add:
>         /usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -ODeliveryMode=defer \
>                 -ODaemonPortOptions=Name=MSA,Port=NNNN,M=E,Addr=
>Where NNNN is some port number not otherwise used (you can test if
>something's in use by doing "telnet localhost NNNN" -- if it's refused,
>there's no daemon listening)
>This sets up a sendmail process listening to the alternate port, in DEFER
>mode, but set to talk only to the localhost interface, so it's not
>accessible by anyoneother than your local machine: no open relay problems.
>  This could theoretically solve all my problems... My question is: If there
>are a certin amount of domains that I DO need to relay mail for, can this
>still work? and if so, how?
>   -Richard Idalski


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