[Mailman-Users] Preventing people from leaving

John Jones JohnJ at ActiveState.com
Wed Dec 12 18:00:23 CET 2001

Personally, I would hope that this is never implemented.  I would not want
some spamming company to adopt this software because of a setup option that
allowed "unleavable lists", in any way, shape or form.  Yes, even if -you-
required the user to sign up, read a AUP and agree to it; other follow-on
companies/scams may not.

Believe me, if I find myself on a list that I cannot leave (or someone on my
networks report such a thing)... that entire network just gets blackholed
and submitted to the RBL.

John Jones, Systems Admin
Programming for the People

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> We are going to implement a few lists through Mailman.
> Our info dept wants a list of press release people who are
> not admitted to leave the list by
> using the lists web site. (ONLY through noticying the list
> admin).
> Is this possible? Think I've seen this answered before but
> can't find where.
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