[Mailman-Users] [OT] open relay probes...

Christopher Schulte christopher at schulte.org
Wed Dec 12 18:33:47 CET 2001

At 09:15 AM 12/12/2001 -0800, Harold Paulson wrote:
>It is unlikely that it's related to mailman.  For what it's worth, even 
>Eric Allman says you shouldn't edit your .cf files directly:
>         http://www.sendmail.net/interviews/interview001.shtml
>Always build your .cf from a .mc, and treat the .cf like a binary 
>file.  The FAQs at sendmail.org are pretty good.  This page:
>         http://www.brettglass.com/spam.html
>has excellent information on locking sendmail down against spam and other 
>fun stuff.  It looks BSD specific, but it isn't really.
>That said, if you can switch to a modern MTA (Postfix, etc..), do so now.

This isn't a postfix group, but...

The main reasons (abbreviated) I switched from sendmail 8.11.x to postfix:

1) built in header/body checks that go off  regexp/pcre
2) human-understandable configuration files (no .mc/.cf madness)
3) performance that puts sendmail to shame
4) advanced UCE hooks
5) complete replacement for sendmail

After the switch, even more reasons that it was a good move:

1) great community support
2) code is maintained and actively developed/improved
3) MTA is extremely robust and reliable
4) updates are painless and error-free
5) I could go on

Did I mention that is works wonderfully with mailman? :-)  My mail list 
server was the first one to experiment with postfix.  The results were so 
good that I moved all other smtp servers over a month or two later.

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