[Mailman-Users] (no subject)

John Jones JohnJ at ActiveState.com
Thu Dec 13 02:55:53 CET 2001

Okay, here is a question...

Qmail, Mailman.  I have 1376 mails in the queue, but Mailman's /qfiles
directory only has about 4 messages in it, and they are being sent out
pretty regularly.  So, I am assuming that this is a non-deliverable or
long-wait-deliverable problem.

What kind of optimization or changes could/should be made to help this
along?  Lots of subscribers, oh yes; quite a few lists, you bet.  Since I am
just now getting introduced to this network and learning it (nice and HUGE),
I am not intimate with the configurations or how it might have been hacked
for customization.  I am learning it as fast as I can, but with 15 other
fires burning right now...

[root at shot qfiles]# qmail-qstat
messages in queue: 1376
messages in queue but not yet preprocessed: 0

[root at shot qfiles]# pwd
[root at shot qfiles]# ls
[root at shot qfiles]#

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