[Mailman-Users] Bouncing address problems....

Richard Idalski ridalski at nandomedia.com
Thu Dec 13 21:20:22 CET 2001

Thanks for the idea, I tried that and after removing them from the list and
looking at the db dump, the addres is still in the bounce info section, but
not in the members section... I know you can't edit the db's dirctly, so how
would I go about taking this address out of the bounce info?


      Richard Idalski

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To stop sending mail to a bouncing address Mailman simply actives the nomail
option for the offending address; however, at that point Mailman *does not*
erase or zero out the bounces from the database.  The bounce record is still
in the database in the bounce_info{ } section.  So it is likely that one
more bounce and the user will again be moved over to nomail.

Removing the user from the list however *does* remove the info from the
bounce_info section (I just checked, using Mailman version 2.06).

You should check your database.  Indeed you might need to recreate it.

For now, look at the database using:
  ~mailman/bin/dumpdb  ~mailman/lists/<listname>/config.db |more

and look for the user.  You will find them under "bounce_ info".  Now remove
the user (go to the web-admin / Membership management / and remove the first
check mark next to their name / click on the "Submit Your Changes" button at
the bottom of the page).

Now dumpout the database and look again.  Is the user still in the
members{ } section?  Are they still in the bounce_info{ } section?

Hope this helps - Jon Carnes
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From: "Richard Idalski" <ridalski at nandomedia.com>
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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Bouncing address problems....

> Alright, I've got a problem here with an email address bouncing that
> shouldn't be.
> Here are the results of the bounce log:
> Dec 13 10:35:49 2001 (7197) List-Name: emailaddress at domain.com - exceeded
> limits
> Dec 13 10:35:49 2001 (7197) List-Name: already disabled
> emailaddress at domain.com
> Alright now, I've looked in the membership managament section of the UI,
> and the 'nomail' option is NOT checked for this address.
> I've tried unsubscribing this address and re-adding it to the lists, all
> no avail, it comes back up with the exceeded limits error.  Where can I
> re-enable this account, my next step will be to completey delete and
> re-create the list, but short of this what can I do?
>   -Richard Idalski
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