[Mailman-Users] Gateway a news group doesn't get first dozen messages

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Thu Dec 13 21:42:13 CET 2001

I probably didn't understand the question (or the problem...), but it sounds
like you had a simple problem that some of the posts were ignored, but now
everything is working fine.  This delay could have been a simple matter of
when cron started up the proper scripts.

The current version of Mailman does not use a daemon to run its processes -
instead cron is used to startup several sub-processes that use lock files to
monitor each other (so they don't step on each other).  The news gating
processes may not start for several minutes.

Jon Carnes
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  Hi folks,

  I have mailman 2.0.6 and when I gateway a news group the first couple of
dozen messages are not gatewayed even though I have the "CatchUp" option set
to No.  New incoming messages get gatewayed just fine.

  Both news groups are on the same news server and are configured the same.
Does anybody have any suggestions about what the problem could be.



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