[Mailman-Users] Pipermail/Mhonarc, archives...

Ron Parker sysop at scbbs.com
Fri Dec 14 21:47:52 CET 2001

I found this link which talks about using mhonarc with mailman:


but, it's a couple years old.

I know the mailman home page says it works with mhonarc.  Are there any more
recent instructions anywhere for accomplishing this?  Thanks.


Greg Ward wrote:

> On 14 December 2001, Michelle Murrain said:
> > I'm wondering about whether folks know about the state of development of
> > pipermail, particularly whether the issue of attachments in the archives
> > are on track to be dealt with.
> See http://amk.ca/python/unmaintained/pipermail.html for the author's
> definitive statement (as if the URL doesn't tell you enough).
> > I'm trying to build a good, feature-rich mailing-list/archive combination,
> > and I'm looking at the various options, including using Mhonarc for the
> > archiving.
> >
> > Suggestions?
> I don't have any, but you should post to this list with what you find
> out about external archivers that work well with Mailman.  I'm sure lots
> of people would be interested.
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