[Mailman-Users] similar problem...

Alex Sammons gingle21 at yahoo.com.mx
Mon Dec 17 18:01:27 CET 2001

Well, in fact i have a similar problem, i have a 
mailing list where just the subscribers be allow to
post (all of them are user1 at mail.com,
user2 at mail.com,user3 at mail.com... except one user
included in the list usern at mylist.mail.com who can´t
post and his posters are send to the administrator to
be approval of course i don´t want to receive those
messages, i want to that user could post without that
filter....what can i do?????


At 13:22 17/12/2001 +0100, Marcel Hicking wrote:
>I'm new to mailman. So bear with me if this is a too
>simpel question ;-) I could find anything in the
>How can I set up an "announcement only" mailing list?
>That is: No subscriber is to be allowed to post to
>list (postings, if possible, should be answered with
>appropriate message)
>Only the listadmin (or, better, a different, selected
>person) should be able to post to the list.
>using a web page.
>Could anyone hint me in the right direction?

You can do this using the General posting filters on
the Privacy 
page of the list admin web GUI for the list concerned.

Set member_posting_only to No and put the e-mail
address(es) of whoever 
to be allowed to post to the list in the posters
field. A post from 
else get referred to the admin.

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