[Mailman-Users] Header ??????

Milivoj Ivkovic mi at alma.ch
Mon Dec 17 20:39:01 CET 2001

>When I receive a message and i look the header, i don't appear in 
>recipient ! How it's possible ?
>How the server send in my mailbox the message& without my adress in yhe 
>header ?
>Is there a hidden header& or a smtp solution which doesn't appear in the 

The To: headers are not used by the mail server to send mail. The 
conversation between a client and a server goes something like this (S: = 
server responses, C: = client commands):

# telnet localhost 25
S:<  220 net1.alma.ch ESMTP Postfix
C:>  HELO localhost
S:<  250 net1.alma.ch
C:>  mail from: <sender at domain>
S:<  250 Ok
C:>  rcpt to: <someone at somewhere>
S:<  250 Ok
C:>  rcpt to: <someone.else at somewhere.else>
S:<  250 Ok
C:>  data
S:<  354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>

Now is when the client sends all headers, followed by an empty line and the 
body of the message. The To: and From: headers here (which will appear in 
the receiving mailer) can be anything, including completely bogus (often 
done by spammers). The server really send the mail to the recipients given 
in the "Rcpt to:" commands, and completely ignores the To: header which is 
just part of the Data stream.

SMTP servers answer on port 25, so you can read the SMTP RFCs (822 and/or 
2822) and play with your server through telnet if you are interested.

Hope this helps.

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