[Mailman-Users] Manually Setting Subscriber Passwords

Fieldus, Glenn gfieldus at csu.edu.au
Mon Dec 17 23:38:47 CET 2001

Hello Everybody,
My apologies if this question has been asked before.
I have searched the archives and found nothing useful.

Our University has adopted a 'single sign-on' authentication process for our
staff and students, where each may access a variety of services (NT Domain,
Proxy, Mail, various web services etc) with one username and password for
each user. They are required to periodically change their passwords in order
to have continued access to these services.

I have been asked to explore whether Mailman (v2.0.6) can be configured to
set a defined password for each subscriber, in line with our single sign-on
implementation. Is this possible?

Our subject lists are created automatically at the start of each semester,
and students are required to be subscribed to the list for the duration of
their enrollment in the subject. What needs to happen is that when a user
changes their password, their Mailman password needs to change accordingly.
Without going into the pros and cons of single sign-on authentication, (I
don't get paid to make the decisions, I just carry them out), I am looking
for a script that will perform the required change.

I have established that Mailman uses a Python database of some description.
I'm not fluent in Python however, and to avoid re-inventing the wheel, can I
ask if anyone has knocked up a script that can do what I'm after?

Thanks and Regards,       Division of Information Technology 
Glenn Fieldus             Charles Sturt University
Systems Admin             NSW Australia
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