[Mailman-Users] Big Lists

Charlie Watts cewatts at frontier.net
Tue Dec 18 00:44:15 CET 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Someone posted a few days or so ago asking about list sizes.  Was there any
> response to that query?
> I've got a list of about 11,000 currently on Solaris/Sendmail/listproc that
> I'm thinking of moving to Linux/(qmail|Postfix)/mailman.  Only one message
> a week is sent.
> Anyone running a list that big on Mailman?  Any special setup required?

Sure, one of my lists is that big. Nothing fancy required. If you want it
to go fast, make sure your mail server if set up to handle whatever sort
of volume you are looking for.

I think some folks here have -much- bigger lists ...

Charlie Watts
cewatts at frontier.net
Frontier Internet, Inc.

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