[Mailman-Users] Big Lists

Bill Moseley moseleymm at hank.org
Tue Dec 18 16:06:05 CET 2001

At 06:01 PM 12/17/01 -0800, Dan Wilder wrote:
>With these changes in place, a K6-350 with 128M RAM delivers
>messages averaging perhaps 3K over a medium-speed DSL,
>without entirely saturating the DSL, at load average below
>2.0, without impinging on swap.  It'll reach 20,000
>recipients in a couple of hours.
>Another common recommendation with Postfix is to set
>disable_dns_lookups = yes
>a measure others have reported favorably on, but which 
>I have not yet tried.

I fear I'm missing something obvious...

I'm not sure I follow the "disable_dns_lookups = yes" recommendation I've
seen posted here a few times.

Is that assuming that all mail is delivered to some "smart host" that then
does the MX lookups?  Obviously, the MX must be looked up someplace.  (But
then why not set SMTPHOST to point to the smart host and deliver directly
from Mailman to the smarthost?)  

Or is the idea to get the mail out of mailman as soon as possible?

Hum, coffee is tickling memory cells...

Seems like I remember with sendmail a way to say "don't do DNS lookups
during SMTP session" (but obviously lookup MX for delivery).  But that's
seems different than Postfix's disable_dns_lookups:

              Disable  DNS  lookups. This means that mail must be
              forwarded via a smart relay host.


Bill Moseley
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