[Mailman-Users] sendmail>>postfix

Chris Halverson cdh at CompleteIS.com
Tue Dec 18 16:34:24 CET 2001

Jay S Curtis <camel at lrllamas.com> writes:

> differed, rejected etc.) - and the small matter of the "open relay" problem
> being closed for good..

I currently use both Postfix and Sendmail in production
systems. Sendmail hasn't had a default open realy issue since around
8.10, and maybe earlier (8.9.6?), which is quite old by now. You have
to go out of your way (via the access db) to allow relaying.

Don't get me wrong, my 19991231 version of Postfix is still running
like gangbusters and has had zero problems since the day it was
installed, however, sendmail isn't as bad as it once was (and the mc
config is trivial to do, so that's gone away too).


Chris D. Halverson                         Complete Internet Solutions

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