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Jay S Curtis camel at lrllamas.com
Tue Dec 18 16:45:28 CET 2001

Run one of the "relaycheck" utilities from a point outside your network
and you may find you **do** have an open relay. I was shocked to find this
to be true using 8.11.12 of sendmail - and nothing I changed in the config 
would close it.... so I got rid of it.

On Tuesday 18 December 2001 10:34 am, you wrote:
> Jay S Curtis <camel at lrllamas.com> writes:
> > differed, rejected etc.) - and the small matter of the "open relay"
> > problem being closed for good..
> I currently use both Postfix and Sendmail in production
> systems. Sendmail hasn't had a default open realy issue since around
> 8.10, and maybe earlier (8.9.6?), which is quite old by now. You have
> to go out of your way (via the access db) to allow relaying.
> Don't get me wrong, my 19991231 version of Postfix is still running
> like gangbusters and has had zero problems since the day it was
> installed, however, sendmail isn't as bad as it once was (and the mc
> config is trivial to do, so that's gone away too).
> cdh

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