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Chris Halverson cdh at CompleteIS.com
Tue Dec 18 16:53:21 CET 2001

Jay S Curtis <camel at lrllamas.com> writes:

> Run one of the "relaycheck" utilities from a point outside your network
> and you may find you **do** have an open relay. I was shocked to find this
> to be true using 8.11.12 of sendmail - and nothing I changed in the config 
> would close it.... so I got rid of it.

Of course, Postfix will also generally trigger these as being "open",
when in fact they are not. I routinely check my machines from off
network, and have been probed by Orbs, Orbz, RBL, etc. and never had
any problems with my sendmail installs. My Postfix ones, due to the
nature of how postfix works (ie. it accepts the mail before rejecting
it due to the fact that the programs are split up as opposed to a
monolithic program like sendmail pre-8.12, 8.12+ uses two separate
(one non-suid) programs much like postfix), are sometimes reported as
open. This may be "fixed" in newer Postfixes, but I have never had an
open sendmail relay for at least the past 5 years.


Chris D. Halverson                         Complete Internet Solutions

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