[Mailman-Users] Question about web admin for Mailman

Do ñ a Bumgarner bumgarner at apple.com
Mon Dec 17 19:35:37 CET 2001

I am an admin for a list that uses Mailman on a Linux server.  It is a
moderated list, and between a recent increase in spam and a lack of
attention to the backlog on my part, there are now somewhere around 400
messages waiting for "admin approval" (read: to be deleted).  The problem
I'm encountering is this:  There are so many messages now that when I try to
load the admin web page to process them, the page is so large that it loads
partially, and then freezes my browser.  This leads me to two questions:

1) Where are the messages waiting for approval stored?  Can the server admin
delete them directly from a folder or mailbox, bypassing the web admin?

2) Is there a way to do a mass or group delete from the web admin?  All of
the "needs approval" messages on my particular list are spam.  Can I either
pipe them directly to the trash, or even scan them on the web admin page and
select a "delete all" function, rather than having to mark them one at a

I'd really appreciate any help you can suggest.

A frustrated list admin,

Dona Bumgarner 

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