[Mailman-Users] Troubleshooting mailman

Chris Goh chris at platypus.net.au
Thu Dec 20 06:25:08 CET 2001

Hi all,

I've been snooping around my system. I discovered this is what caused my

- Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 8, GOT gid 1245.
(Reconfigure to take 1245?)

I recompiled with-mail-gid. So now it doesnt return an error.

Its down to learning how to use it now....wish me luck...

Thanks everyone anyways...


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Hi all,

I have just installed mailman and I am not sure how to debug this problem.

Exim mainlogs yeild.

2001-12-20 13:55:37 16GuIz-0005kb-00 <= me at mydomain.com
H=mymachine.mydomain.com (chris) [] P=smtp S=1526
id=004d01c18908$892fa7f0$96b56dcb at mydomain.com
2001-12-20 13:55:37 16GuIz-0005kb-00 ** platypus-request at mydomain.com
D=list_request_director T=list_request_transport: Child process of
list_request_transport transport returned 2 from command:
2001-12-20 13:55:37 16GuIz-0005kh-00 <= <> R=16GuIz-0005kb-00 U=mail P=local
2001-12-20 13:55:37 16GuIz-0005kb-00 Error message sent to me at mydomain.com
2001-12-20 13:55:37 16GuIz-0005kb-00 Completed
2001-12-20 13:55:39 16GuIz-0005kh-00 => chris <me at mydomain.com>
D=amavis_director T=amavis
2001-12-20 13:55:39 16GuIz-0005kh-00 Completed

I am trying to find out what error 2 is from wrapper.

Thanks for any help .


Chris G

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