[Mailman-Users] Capacity

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Thu Dec 20 10:01:54 CET 2001

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001 00:37:47 -0800 
Kevin Phillips <kevin at upbeats.com> wrote:

> Are there any capacity limitations as far as the number of names
> mailman can handle at a single time?  

Explicitly no.  In terms of runtime resource consumption, yes.

> Our company has a list of several million opt-in names that we
> want to transfer to mailman. 

Interesting.  That is a suspiciously large number given that the
second largest known list on the planet has just over 2 million

> 1)Can mailman administrate that many addresses?  

Technically, yes.  Practically, no, especially not under 2.0.*.
2.1.* may work if used with an external data store (eg LDAP) for the
subscriber base (there are some architectural questions in that

> 2)Can mailman send to that many addresses at once (or does it need
> to be broken up into chunks)?


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