[Mailman-Users] loops with "out of office/vacation" autoresponders

Robert Williams bob at bob.usuhs.mil
Thu Dec 20 23:18:33 CET 2001

I've just been bitten by a "vacation" autoresponder
setting up a loop with a mailman list I just started up.
5000 messages were sent to the members
of the list before it was caught.   This is not
the first time that I've seen a massive loop
response to an email listserver at our institution,
(where many users use Groupwise).   A few months
ago we had a similar problem with a Majordomo list
and the Groupwise "vacation" feature.

I removed the offending member name,
but now there appears to be a loop between
the Groupwise server and the list-request address.

Why do I not see more of this on other lists
that I participate in?   I manage the Xforms list,
using Majordomo.  I've never seen such a loop
on Xforms.   What is happening that makes
lists here at USU so problematic when
the "reply ot all members" feature is enabled?

How do listservers in general deal
with "vacation" autoresponder loops?

Bob Williams

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