[Mailman-Users] strange qfiles behavior

Thomas Hillson hillson at iastate.edu
Fri Dec 21 22:39:53 CET 2001

I have had three lists now show a strange problem, they que up a 
message to send to a list and just stop. The message is never sent. 
But messages sent to the server before and after this are sent. Can 
anyone give me any ideas where to start on this on. It is Running on 
RedHat 7.2 on a Dell 2400 Server with Dual PII 600, 512mb Ram, 12gb 
Ram for MTA is Sendmail. I see no errors in any of the logs. The only 
way I know I have a problem is to send a message and not get a copy 
of it. When I look in the qfiles the message is there, but it does 
not go out. If I send another message to the same list it may or may 
not get stopped. If I clear all messages from the qfiles and send the 
message again it goes through. This is an intermittent problem and

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