[Mailman-Users] Do you use the Mailman-htdig integration patches?

Con Wieland cwieland at uci.edu
Fri Dec 21 23:04:49 CET 2001

Happy Holidays

Just catching up on some of the archives so forgive my belated response. I
use and would like to see the patches integrated in 2.1 I think it's very
usefulI. I maintain a fairly active server with ~500 (and growing) lists at

My two cents
Con Wieland
University of California at Irvine

At 3:57 AM -0800 11/30/01, Richard Barrett wrote:
>Having posted Mailman-htdig integration patches on sourceforge and
>subsequently maintained them I am interested in finding out how many sites
>have adopted the patches and want to continue using them. The patches I'm
>referring to are:
>and their earlier incarnations 401669/401670:
>I'm asking for two reasons:
>1. to gauge the likely demand for MM 2.1 compatible version of the patch
>and how urgently it is needed. btw: I've got a MM 2.1a3 compatible version
>of the patches about to be tested and hope to post them on sourceforge next
>2. to see if there is sufficient demand for the patch being integrated with
>the main development trunk of MM. If enough users say they want it then
>presumably the primary MM developers will consider a request to fold the
>patch into the main development line post the MM 2.1 release. My motives
>here are fairly selfish in that I'd like to avoid having to redevelop and
>test the patch again for the next major MM release after 2.1
>Reply off list would probably be appropriate. I will collate the responses
>and post to the list a summary of the interest expressed.
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